Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blogspot 'Code Snippet' for the LC2010 banner

  •  #1 - Visit the widget home at and decide on what size and color of the widget you want to use. (Right click the link and select open in a new tab or window as you'll be coming back top this page later on.)
  • #3 - Copy and paste the following code where directed in the last post.
  • #4 - In the code you just pasted (the blogspot window), edit the line that starts with "data" to point to the flavor of the widget  you selected in step one from website (you'll have to return and copy the link).
Note: You will be replacing the portion of the address that ends with "lc2010-2.html?=blue" with "lc2010.html?=brown" if you wish the 150 pixel wide brown version. Note that the ?=blue designates the blue version. The ?= is my descriptor hook. If you wish to use the default white on black version, you would omit the ?= and end your address with ".html".

The code

<moduleprefs author="Jerry Titus"
description="Liberty Candidates 2010 promo widget for blogspot"
title="Liberty Candidates 2010" title_url="">

<content type="html">      

width="200"> height="500" type="text/html">
     Your browser does not support objects.



Friday, January 8, 2010

General instructions for embedding external widgets and gadgets into blogspot pages

  • Go to your blogspot page
  • Select 'customize' in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Select add a gadget in the panel where you want to add the gadget.
  • Page down until you see 'html/javascript' gadget - select it.
  • Paste (ctrl v) the source code snippet you've copied from the snippet source site, into the content window, you can leave title blank if you wish, If a title is included, it included will display above the item you are embedding.
  • Select save.

  • Preview your page. Your new gadget should be visible.